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  • Choose a Reputable Tax Return Preparer

    Choose a Reputable Tax Return Preparer

    In 2022, the IRS expects to receive more than 152 million individual income tax returns. With such a large number of Americans filing, taxpayers have the chance to choose from more than 6 million tax return preparers. The vast majority of these preparers do their job well and help people get their maximum refund. Lets discuss more about picking a good Tax Return Preparer.

    Reputable Tax Return Preparer
    Reputable Tax Return Preparation

    The IRS today reminded taxpayers to choose a tax return preparer wisely. This is significant because, regardless of who prepares their return for them, taxpayers are liable for all information on it. When choosing a preparer, it is best to find someone with: Good character and reputation.

    The IRS urges taxpayers to consider these items when choosing a tax return preparer:

    Taxpayers should take the time to find a tax return preparer who is qualified, has a professional demeanor, is honest and … Read 2015 Tax